Donate Old Furniture To Charity

5 Tips To Know When Donating Furniture

If you have some old furniture in your home, you might think of selling it off and pocketing some extra cash. But a better way to get rid of the old furniture is to donate it to a charity. By doing so, you will be helping the poor by providing them the comfort of your furniture. And this is easily more worthy than getting a couple of dollars by selling it off. Below, we look at five tips you need to know when donating furniture.

  1. Check The Organization

The first thing you should check is whether the organization you are donating to is genuine or not. After all, you surely don’t want to be swindled by fraudsters who will just take your furniture and flip it for a profit. When you are donating furniture, you want to ensure that it will be used for the good of underprivileged people. So, make a list of organizations near your home that accept furniture donations and check out their website. Get some background info about how long they have been in operation, what they do with all the furniture they receive, whether they been conferred with any recognition for their service, what the people who have already donated to the organization have to say about it, and so on. You should also ask for the necessary licenses and permits that validate the legality of their operations. Such a deep background check should help you find a genuine charity organization that you can donate your furniture to.

  1. Quality

Once you have decided where to donate furniture, you should next prepare a list of furniture that you will be donating. And in this regard, the quality of the furniture is important. When donating, it is normal for the furniture to have some kind of damage. However, the furniture should not be too damaged that people can’t use it properly. In fact, it would be disrespectful to send such furniture as a donation.

  1. Items That Cannot Be Donated

You must also check what type of furniture the organization won’t accept as donations. Though the list will vary depending on the organization, generally the following item cannot be donated – box springs, mattresses, cribs and bed frames. So, remember not to pack them when preparing furniture to be sent to the charity.

  1. Transportation

Some charities will offer to pick up the furniture from your home. All you have to do is to just keep them ready. Other charities won’t have such a pickup service but will offer a compensation for transportation. As such, you will be tasked with the job of hiring a truck and transporting the furniture to the charity. The organization will then provide you with cash as a compensation for the expenses you have incurred to get the furniture to the charity center.

  1. Receipt

Finally, be sure to ask for a tax receipt from the charity. If they are registered with 501c (3), then they will be able to provide you a tax receipt which you can use for deductions when filing your annual tax return.

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