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4 Tips To Use An Area Rug More Effectively In The Room

If any of the rooms in your home looks kind of bland, the best way to add some life into it is by using an area rug. What was a morbid room until now will start feeling like a very welcoming place. And in this post, we will look at four simple tips that will help you use the area rug in an effective way.

  1. Layering Over Carpets

Sometimes, you may have to layer the needlepoint area rugs over floor carpets. In such situations, make sure that you properly consider the texture of the rug.  If the carpet on the floor is a very posh style, then adding a woven rug on top will be sufficient. In contrast, if the carpet in the room is looped or short-pile, then using a thick shag rug is the best way to bring some beauty to the place.

Just make sure that the rug you select is big enough that it covers all carpets and reaches to a few inches of the walls.  In addition, it is also recommended that you anchor the rug properly. Otherwise, the rug and the carpets can bunch up and eventually become a real tripping risk. And if you have kids in the home, such tripping hazards can end up being very disastrous.

  1. Provide A Warm Feeling To The Place

If your home floor is made of surfaces like tile, wood etc., your feet will feel cold when walking on it. And this can be pretty discomforting for some people. In addition, the surface can feel too hard on the feet. Such issues can be resolved by placing an area rug at critical walking pathways. Doing so will ensure that you walk on a soft, warm surface and that the rooms look visually appealing.

  1. Material Of The Rug

The material of the rug will make a big difference in how the room looks. Generally, you have four options in this regard – wool, synthetic, viscose, and silk. Of these, wool is the most popular material for rugs. And in case you do not want to spend too much on wool, you can opt for synthetic rugs. The best of the lot is the silk rug, which also costs the most. However, if you want the feel of silk rug without actually spending big bucks on it, you can opt for viscose rugs.  It gives off a feeling similar to that of silk, but it has the advantage of laying like wool.

  1. Positioning The Rug

In case your room has two sofas, place the rug in between them. Try to leave some space between the edges of the rug and the sofas. This will give the entire arrangement a good look. In case there are multiple pieces of furniture, like a sofa and two chairs, then ensure that at least the front feet of each furniture is firmly on the rug. Do not have all the furniture positioned completely inside the rug.

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