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Easy Home Security Camera Options That Will Not Break the Bank

After visiting a lot of houses in my time as an electrical engineer, one of things that I find really surprising is just how many people still think that installing a home security system is out of their price reach. These people are very surprised when I break down the costs and personal benefits to having either a home security alarm, home security cameras or both.

I am an engineer and work closely with a company called 2E Electrical in Hamilton NZ. Check out the 2E Electrical website for more info. With all the marketing we try to do, plus the numerous home security adds and leaflets that are dished out, people still think home or business CCTV is way more than it actually costs. Even a two-camera system with an app that connects to the internet for cloud-based access and recording can be as cheap as $100 these days.

Obviously, a system this cheap may mean forfeiting some of the quality such as colour recording and the number of frames per second is likely to be lower – the latter meaning there will be some lag when playing back the camera recording. That said, it is better than not having a camera system at all.

Cheaper Camera System Are Ideal for Terraced and Semi-Detached Properties

For those living in terraced properties, cheaper systems are all that is needed. The fact that you have plenty of neighbours looking out helps, and you only need two cameras – one for the front, and one for the back. A third is usually needed for those that live in semi-detached houses.

Apartment CCTV

Some apartments do not come with security camera systems. Therefore, a one camera system on your front door will be suffice. If you have a ground floor apartment, then you may want to consider cameras on the back wall. I would personally consider a lower floor flat the same as a terraced house – especially if you are lucky enough to also have a back door to the place.

Larger CCTV Systems

It stands to reason that if you have a large property or a detached house, then you have a lot more angles to cover. The same applies to business/commercial properties.

Afterall, security camera placement is all about getting the right angles. To reduce costs, you can get away with blind spots. This would basically mean reducing the number of cameras you have around the property. With the right security camera expert, you be able to cover the main entrance points to your property as well as areas of interest, which would be where you park the car or covering the garden shed.

The only time it is difficult to justify leaving out a security camera is when there are windows all around the house. Each window is counted as a break in point for thieves, but if cost is really a big issue, then the best solution is to use window alarms, which can be extremely effective.

Furthermore, blind spots are fine as long as all entrance/access points for someone to get to that area of your building are covered. It means should something strange happen, you can at least see who or what entered that space with the reasonable assumption this was the cause of the oddity.

Reduction in Security Risks Reduces Stress

The key benefits to investing in a home or business CCTV system are the reduction in stress and being safe in the knowledge that you are deterring thieves or vandals. Most people looking to commit a crime will not touch a property that has a camera system guarding it. This is a fact. There are plenty of places without security camera systems that will make for much easier pickings.

Go on Holiday and Have Someone Watch Your Cameras 24/7

I love the fact that when I go on holiday, I can hire a 24/7 security company to watch over my cameras. My house has an intruder alarm with every door and window covered plus motion sensors in every room in the house. I can choose to have the alarm as a silent alarm or loud – I prefer the latter.

The alarm sound will scare thieves, the system alerts the security company, who then announce on my house speaker system that the police have been alerted. Next, my security company will immediately dispatch their own team who will be at my property within 10 minutes. On top of this, my fire alarm system also alerts them. Now hold your breath – I installed all of this for less than $800 and paid it off over 12 months.

My advice to you is, don’t wait for an incident to happen (I did this, and it cost me some precious family jewellery amongst other things). Had I had this system in place, it is unlikely I would have had intruders in my house. Install your system now without waiting!

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