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Two Of The Best Ways to Protect Your Commercial or Residential Property

Of course, being a security company, we are going to tell you about how the systems that we install have helped to secure our client’s properties. Not only have we given business owners piece of mind, our systems have actively prevented potential disasters.

  1. Fire Alarm and Intruder Alarm Systems

Obviously, both of these systems have their own separate purposes. Now most of us are not expecting a break in yet alone a fire. However, we always think it will never happen to us. Thankfully because of our strategic placement of alarm systems, one of clients saved his entire business property from a disaster. Rain and electricity are an unlikely source to cause a fire. However, a leak in the roof of client’s property caused circuit to continuously spark that lit up the old-style insulation.

Luckily our fire alarm alerted our help desk within seconds of the fire and an instant response unit was sent. Luckily only the building’s roof suffered internal damage with very little external damage. Of course, we also helped our client find a reliable roofer to come and fic the leak and our specialist electrical team came in upgrade their entire electrical system on behalf of the building owner.

On top of this, our burglar alarms have helped to deter thieves and even scare intruders off that has successfully broken into a property with one of our alarm systems. As soon as the motion detectors caught the intruders and weak point that most burglars would obviously choose, they took the hint and decided to exit without any items of value.

  1. CCTV Camera Installations

An intruder alarm used to be enough to deter thieves. Yet despite the detection systems that come with alarms stems, some burglars will take the risk and target certain items such as wide screen TVs, electronics, and even expensive children’s toys and leave before an emergency response unit arrives. Therefore, CCTV has come a second deterrent these days.

Most people that see a CCTV camera will not even think about going near your property. Also, today’s modern systems are hooked up to mobile phones, so you can see what is going on around your property at any time of the day via your 3G or 4G camera.

If you want to know more about this subject, check out: It’s a really good blog about why CCTV has become so popular.

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