10 Pack Sunco LED Downlight 16 Watts

Sunco 16W Energy Saving and Durable Lighting Pack

Sunco is a top rated brand for producing and selling modern style, energy saving, and dimmable LED Lights. When you choose to buy Sunco Lighting for your home and office, you get the highest quality, long life durability, and stylish range of led lighting product for your home. Not only the quality, when you led lights from Sunco you also the stylish design, range of wattage and environment-friendly lighting which is suitable for any home.


Sunco Lighting 16W 10 Pack Dimmable LED Light is one of the top-rated lighting product available in a pack with a discount offer. This Pack of LED Downlights is durable, stylish modern Retrofit Recessed style available in white color with 3000K Warm White lighting effect. Buy this LED Downlights pack if you are interested in installing energy saving LED Downlight in your home. Buy this LED Downlights pack at $79.99 with a huge discount offer, and get 5 years replacement warranty.

10 Pack Sunco LED Downlight 16 Watts

10 Pack Sunco LED Downlight 16 Watts


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