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How To Start LED Lighting WooCommerce Store

In the recent time from past decades, websites and eCommerce stores and online stores have been more popular and one of the basic need for any business. A website is the easiest way to provide information about business and services online to clients. If any business has their website live, their costumes do not need to visit the office every time they need any information about products and services. In simple word, a well-managed website can save your time, money and provide detailed information without any appointment and meeting.  Your costumes can find products and information online from any place and any device without having any trouble. If you are selling lighting products, your costumers can purchase them directly from your online lighting store. In short, a website is the best way to provide information to your clients easily.

If you are running a shopping business or store at your local place, having an online eCommerce store for your products is an additional easy option to double your business, make your buyers feel easier to buy products in one click.

What is Online Store?

An online store is a webpage managed like a shop, where buyers can view, compare, select and buy products online with the online payment system. An online eCommerce store is a website where you can list all your products, manage your sale and revenue with tax calculation. If you have payment system installed in your online store website, your buyers and place an order and pay online for their desired products without visiting your shop locations. All you need is a mobile-friendly online store, which is easy for visitors to find, view and buy any product online.

How To Set Up My LED Lighting Store?

There many open sources where you install and run your online shop to sell your products online. There’s no limitation, you sell any brand and product online from your website once your online eCommerce store is live. Maybe you want to sell automotive products, lighting products, clothing and accessories, sports good etc. It’s easy to sell all your available products online in your price range which is available in your store. All you need is a domain for your store, hosting space and website installation.

If you are a professional developer it’s an easy job for you, you can choose any platform like Shopify Store, Magento eCommerce store or WordPress WooCommerce store. Magento, Shopify, and WordPress is an open source where you can set your online stores and business websites. If you are the one with basic web development idea, WordPress is an easier option for you. You can buy or install a free WordPress theme like Alpha Store WooCommerce Theme. In WordPress, once you install your theme, you have to install and activate some recommended plugins with the theme, and then you need to add up few things like payment system,  shortcodes and then you can see your new online store ready to go, and then after you can start adding products with detailed information. Also, set up your header images, customize your sidebar as you wish and also you have to add a navigation menu to make it easily accessible for users.

I still do not recommend to do website installation and setup works on your own if you do not have development skills. If you install an eCommerce store without any knowledge, you might miss required things and everything might go in the wrong direction. So for a proper online shop installation, you need a skilled Magento or WordPress Website Builder who can set up your online store, install payment system and provide you properly categorized products listings.  If you hire a skilled website developer, you get a user-friendly online store with a mobile version to sell your LED Lighting products online for your worldwide costumers. You can simply add your LED Lighting and Accessories in your store, including your price, discount, features and product image and make them live once your lighting store set up is completed by your developer. You can also ask your website builder to set up lighting blog page on your website to publish news and article on your website.

If you have planned are you are ready with the budgets it’s a great idea to run your own eCommerce store to sell your products from your shop and affiliate programs like Amazon.

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