Terms and Conditions

  • Who Are Reviews Homes?

– Reviews Homes is an online website providing information about high-quality and modern style lighting and fans for home and commercial usages. We list some featured lighting and fan products in our store which help buyers to find and purchase products online and from the nearer store in any country

  • Is Reviews Homes an authorized dealer of any brand or manufacturing company?

– No, we are not authorized dealer/ seller of any brand or company. We find products online or offline, and list them on our website to help you find quality led lighting and ceiling fan products for your home and business.

  • Can I buy products online from Reviews Homes Store?

– No, because we are not an online seller and we are do not have those listed products in our store, you can not buy any product online from us.

  • Does the Reviews Homes Store ask or cut any charge for Products?

No, because you are not able to buy online from us, you are not charged any amount in any case. Also, it’s all free for you to view and compare products from our store.

  • When I click on Buy Now / View now in the product, Am I processed to charge the payment of products?

No. Again, because you are not able to buy from our store, you are not processed in any payment setting. When you click buy now or view now on products you are redirected to the original product page, which is linked from a real company or dealer store who really sell the product and they are authorized.

  • Why Does Reviews Homes List products if they don’t sell online?

– It is just like a help to online buyers to make it easier to find large numbers of led lighting and ceiling fans products at a single place.

  • Does The Reviews Homes earn from these products listing on the website?

Yes, in same conditions Reviews Homes store earn few commission amount from the seller. We have also listed some products from Amazon, eBay, and another affiliate market. When any buyer clicks on the product from our website and buys them online from the marketplace, we get some commission for those selling. But we don’t earn any commission from the buyer side.

  • If I register and log in my account in Reviews Homes Store, do you keep a record and access them again?

No, we don’t do that. Becuase we are running the secure site, all your user data and login info are safe.

  • How Do Reviews Homes find the quality of products before adding them in store?

We find products online, then we check user rating and feedback. We also check for the price range, warranty policy etc. and then we trust those products are really good to recommend. We also check in some product reviews websites and directories before listing them, and the brand value of the product is also a factor to be considered.

  • Does The Reviews Homes Store provide any guarantee and warranty of products?

No, because we are not a direct seller of that product, we do not offer any guarantee or warranty of products. We just mention what they offer. We suggest to please double check features and offers of products before buying them.

  • My Answer is not listed here, what should I do?

– If you didn’t find your answer here in this page, please use our contact form and send us a detailed message. We will try our best to respond you ASAP with your query.